Termite Damage Repair in Northern Virginia

The name says it all! Repairing termite damage is what we do at Termite Damage Repair with area wide service in Northern Virginia, NOVA.  We have decades of experience fixing the destruction caused by termites. They can cause hidden damage to your home feeding on fresh wood, but they will also eat old wood if available. They often cause the worst damage in the studs in the walls and rafters of the roof. If you find termite damage, we can fix it correctly!

It’s obvious. Termites not only cause severe damage to micro areas but the effects are widespread, the problems must be repaired correctly to ensure that the structure of your property is safe (as well as protecting the it’s value). Structural damage can seriously affect the stability of your home/building and should be repaired by a bonded and licensed contractor only. Structural damage includes damage to studs, beams and joists that support other parts of the property, including floors, walls and the roof. Termites can damage the various wood-based materials in the home, including floors, structural beams, 2×4 studs, beams, wood floors and drywall.

Our experts will inspect and fix tight areas, crawl spaces or obstacles without a hitch. Don’t worry about doing the repairs on your own or hiring an expensive contractor because we will do it properly for you using our years of experience and specific expertise in this field. You can not afford to let a non-professional to repair the damage caused by termites or you risk future problems.  At Termite Damage Repair, we take every job seriously with the same level of care.

The extent of the damage may vary so let our experts evaluate and repair the damage.

Note: We do NOT DO PEST CONTROL!!! We are a contractor for home improvements, specializing in the repair of termite damage that has served Virginia and Maryland for over 20 years.

If termites ate it, we can repair it!